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i'm happiLy me in spite of my circumstances
underestimate me please this'll be fun
i've got no time for playing games except scrabble, munchkins, and scattergories so be real or leave me be
1 + 1 + 1 makes us and we is all I need (+ auntie Aj)

my errant muse

Writing ideas: in 1 paragraph, if a stubbed little toe could tell the rest of your body what it was feeling what would it say?If you only had 1 sentence to speak to your 8 year old self what would it be?If you had to make up 1 reason […]

0.twenty-three :: vocables

I want to write. My ideas don’t want to be written.My synapses are missing their marks.My brain is like a stubbed toe, pulsating life but producing nothing. I have words though. I’ve been writing lines of words starting with words starting with the letter “a” through the letter […]

mommy’s girls

My girls have been through so much turmoil in the past few years because of my poor choices and addiction. Still today I was amazed, touched, and reminded of what is truly important when I read the inscriptions on their cards they gave me. Hope, 7: Happy Mother’s […]

Emotionally obtuse, me? It

I feel my feels and when I’m ready… I dust myself off and step back in the ring a little more prepared. Max robes, Until just recently I hadn’t heard that saying to “feel your feels [feelings]” and I overheard my daughter, Riley, telling her boyfriend that […]


I Am Your Disease You know who I am, you’ve called me your friend,Wishes of misery and heartache I send,I want only to see that you’re brought to your knees,I’m the devil inside you, I am your disease. I’ll invade all your thoughts, I’ll take hostage your soul,I’ll […]

0.ten – kindred spirits

Loving this word: Perspicacitya penetrating discernment —a clarity of vision or intellect which provides a deep understanding and insight. Perspicacityis an abstract noun describing a certain capacity of a certain capability. (Such an awesome sentence that leaves you wanting more!) I’ve fallen in LOVE I’ve fallen in LOVE […]

Reblog: The Simplicity of Happiness

StoP giVing A FuCk! Here is an interesting perspective and how to on bettering our lives by not concerning ourselves with material things or other people’s opinions of us.A quote quoted in the post: “Not giving a f*ck does not mean being indifferent, it means being comfortable with […]

0.nine – craving change

I feel trapped.It is like I know the right things to do but the wrong thing keeps pulling me back in.I’ve been addicted to something since I was 15 and started smoking cigarettes and weed.Then it was alcohol.Then it was pain medication, prescribed (haha then not prescribed if […]

0.eight – …

I’m tired.I didn’t get hired.Got a new job. It starts at 2:15 in the am.Glad to have a job.Sad that it is the worst shift.Still sober.Trying hard. They say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself. Andy Warhol It is difficult to stay […] mayday! mayday!

Going down! Well, coming down, hard. I decided to finish off the last of what I had cause I’m a sucker for punishment. It ended up going through Monday night. Then, to show me just how idiotic that was, I slept through my alarms Tuesday and missed work. […]

page 1 – tell / page 2 – show

Watching a new (new to me) show Crazy Ex Girlfriend and it is full of really poignant life lessons and introspective realizations while still being lighthearted and hilarious. I have a love-hate relationship with the main character and the story-line is my worst nightmare come true and biggest […]

0.22 – doin’ my darnedest

Sobriety takes concerted effort. To remain steadfast in your commitment to recovery you must be productive and effective in your sobriety. It is a lifestyle that takes perseverance and determination. You get your life back. Efficiency is putting your best foot forward. Fortitude is the courage to endure. […]

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