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think yourself confident

Sometimes you’ve got to fake yourself out.

I’m fortunate enough to know that I’m rad, now.

And these are the kinds of things I tell myself so that I do.


Happiness is a Choice.

My life sucks. I’m still happily me.

I’m a hot mess, my life is upside-down due to things out of my control, but I am happy and back on track in keeping my thinking positive and productive! Learning to love myself and taking back responsibility and control over my thoughts, feelings, and actions has brought about so much personal and spiritual growth for me. For the longest time I was happy in my situation in life but not happy with myself. I had so many insecurities and always felt I needed someone to validate my worth. I swore, even to myself, I was happy with myself and I did like myself enough but I didn’t love myself and I was so hard on myself constantly. It was overwhelming and a lot of what led to getting started in addiction for me. *Put a pin in that for a later date when I have more time.* Flip the script and, I’d give anything, even my happiness (I know I still haven’t totally learned) to have my girls with me, but I am a much happier person and am able to really enjoy life now. So, when things get back to how they should be it’ll be that much better. Which, makes me excited for the work in my recovery to get there. I feel good and I think I’m going to choose to keep thinking this way!


i'm happiLy me in spite of my circumstances underestimate me, please -this'll be fun i've got no time for playing games so be real or leave me be 1 + 1 + 1 [+ ¿1?] makes us and we is all I need (+ auntie Aj)

13 thoughts on “think yourself confident

  1. Happy for you that you are having some success at changing your thought patterns for the positive! You can do this!

    Along those lines, I love the serenity prayer:

    God [/HP/intuition/Universe],
    grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
    The courage to change the things I can
    And the wisdom to know the difference.

    And a wise man once told me to leave the word “should” out of my vocabulary.

    p.s. Love the artwork!

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    1. Is it working again? I was having to redo it all but if it’s fixed back I’ll leave it. Whew.

      Thanks so much!!

      Still of course struggling with negative moods and such but I’m keeping out of a funk and conyinuijng to move forward.

      I’ll be getting back into tracking and dicmscussing my recovery here soon I just had to take a break from focusing on it. I was focusing on not focusing on using and so I haven’t been using but not actively doing recovery either.

      Maybe in a couple days I’ll be ready yo throw in some more structure.

      I do agree on about should as well!!

      The Serenity Prayer is awesome and one of the two prayers I know. I do love it too.

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      1. I noticed the art and text layout excerpts change in the Reader feed and I have to say I like this arrangement better, definitely more positive focussed in the preview — but of course that’s just the opinion of one person.

        That bit about should – definitely easier said than done. I think he even used should in his edict 😂”you should leave the word should out of your vocabulary” – ironical of course. :))

        Anyway yes you’re absolutely right to focus on the sobriety first. I have put sobriety first this time and that is working best for me. But yes as you say, active recovery can hugely speed the process. Basically, tuning in to Self/HP, taking it easy, taking responsibility, not blaming others or situations, making amends, staying honest staying honest staying honest. And supporting others, even in just the tiniest of ways, on their journeys, as well. (But one time I got too much into that, full-throttle from the get-go, and I think it contributed to my self sabotage. Tricky. “Take it easy” and “one day at a time” are two of my best friends, this time around, at least when I remember those guys. ;))

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      2. You are right on.

        I was staying stuck in relapse because, after 8 months using once or twice a month it’s hard to get out of the habit period (thankful I didn’t go back daily or weekly though …yikes where would I be?) but to try to change so much at one time with a constant reminder of what you’re not supposed to be thinking about I kept getting overwhelmed and taking the “easy” way out. Although staying in the cycle is not easy by any means its exhausting, humiliating and disheartening. Using isn’t some party for me at least.

        I didn’t deal with any of my issues last time I got sober before this relapse and I’m facing them head on now, and winning!, so I’m excited.

        I love and hate: “time takes time.”

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      3. I went nuts on them in 2016 and still have a folder full!! But Bitmoji as an “entity” on my phone scares the crap out of me. I’m a massive tin hat wearer. I made the images then deleted the app from my phone. It wanted complete access to the keyboard!! What the heck for!!


      4. Haha. I’m about to don one of those hats myself. My computer’s been remotely messed with and my internet goes wonky since I started this blog and got banned by Facebook and Instagram and a couple others.

        I have the snap camera as my webcam and it’s always streaming so that doesn’t help lol.

        But I’ve been offline for the years 3 years before now for the most part and stuff was always up with my phone.

        If I believed I was important enough to be bothered I’d be wearing the tin with everything as it seems but I’m not so I do the apps and let them control the propaganda.

        The little people like me know only what they want us to and I ignore even that.

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      5. Oh wow on the snap camera!!! 😂
        I’ve managed to lift my tin hat enough to have a blog on WP (gravatar is also a bit creepy), so I’m proud of myself, lol.

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      6. I am really confused with this post. Sometimes the images are showing up and sometimes they aren’t. It will show me that they have all disappeared and then they’re back. Do you see them or just the plain text?

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      7. Ok so now all four images show in a line again, on preview mode. Along with your first lines of test (“think yourself confident…” up to “know that I’m rad, now.”


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