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|my provocations for setbacks|


i'm happiLy me in spite of my circumstances underestimate me, please -this'll be fun i've got no time for playing games so be real or leave me be 1 + 1 + 1 [+ ¿1?] makes us and we is all I need (+ auntie Aj)

2 thoughts on “|my provocations for setbacks|

  1. There is comfort in familiarity and routine, but the changes you’re fighting for are for all the right reasons. Easier to form new (better) habits than try to break old ones…small changes to your environment (change the car seat covers to purple spotty ones?) to change your reactions to it?
    Still loving the awareness and honesty in your words 🙂

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    1. I have to keep reminding myself that it is the right thing to do. My mind plays some dirty tricks and I’ll have myself backwards thinking in a hurry when I’m getting the pull to pick up.
      I think that is something I need to focus more on: making new good habits instead of thinking mostly about NOT thinking about NOT doing something….
      Love the idea of purple spotty seat covers in my beamer my dad would have a fit! And you’re totally right about changing my reactions to it.
      I need to overhaul my perspective and do what worked before: be positive about sobriety and what I’m gaining. And quit whining about losing a deadly addiction that is keeping me from being the best mom I should be.
      Using this comment for my next post. You’ve got me on point!


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