pɐʎ 1 – gOOdbYe yesterdAy

Today is the day
To make a change
To take a chance
To leap with faith
To keep my mind safe
To ask for help
To task my.self
Allay all doubt today

They said it works.
I read it works.
I tried my way.
They provide my way.

Nothing to lose
Unless I choose
Again to use
And induce self-abuse

the feLLowship [A.A.]
welcomed me back with
open arms
NbS [N.A.]
welcomed me in with
open hearts

It always seems impossibLe
until its done.

time Takes time


I’m doing recovery for keeps NOW.
Will I stay clean?
According to them [N.A./A.A. people] so long as I’m working my program I will succeed
Almost finished with my step 1

So thankful for the welcoming fellowship in both of the programs [N.A./A.A.] and I am greatly enjoying meetings.

when aLL eLse faiLs
foLLow directions

Attending NA & AA daily if work allows
Actively searching for a sponsor
[the woman I asked today has all the sponsees she can handle but said I can call anytime]
Working the steps and doing the work with N.A. Step Working Guides

Failure is only real if you give up.

9 thoughts on “pɐʎ 1 – gOOdbYe yesterdAy

  1. Even though I don’t have the same issue that you seem to talk about here, this is a great post for any addiction and unhealthy obsession.

    The way you bring random pictures together and quotes and just form an article is just art.

    Thanks for encouraging me with this.

    And yea, I saw you on clandiesplace.com and I am only too grateful.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s really awesome to hear that it is relatable to other types of struggles. I appreciate the feedback.
      Thanks for the compliment. Creating art is something I never believed I’d be able to do. I didn’t have confidence in my ideas becoming visually appealing finished works until now. I think I’ve found my niche!


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